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    發布時間:2019-05-10 17:59:55   發布人:http://www.massonisweb.com
    1. Significant energy saving: The biggest feature of air pressurizer is energy saving. With regard to electric booster pumps, pneumatic air booster pumps only need to supply the driving gas source, and the operation does not need power consumption, so as to help user factories save costs. Together, when the pneumatic air booster pump arrives at the predetermined pressure, it will actively stop the operation, and the cost is zero.
    2. Air pressure stability: Because pneumatic air booster pump uses single gas control non-equilibrium gas distribution valve to complete the reciprocating movement of the pump, it can launch smoothly, and can quickly adjust and take care of the places where the air volume is shaking comparatively large. This is the high quality function of infinite conditioning of pneumatic booster pump in our company.
    3. Low operating noise: Compared with ordinary high-pressure compressor, the air compressor has less alarm and low noise, and is suitable for use in more places.
    4. Price: Comparing with the expensive high-pressure compressor, our pneumatic air booster pump can help customers reduce the cost by more than half.
    5. Constant pressure air supply can be completed: pneumatic air booster pump can operate in a wide range of exhaust capacity. Active real-time air conditioning according to practice is used to control the exhaust volume. Using a few gases to produce several gases can also make the air booster pump active dormancy when the gas consumption is low, greatly reducing the loss of power.
    6. Simple maintenance and low maintenance cost: In most cases, if the pneumatic air booster pump can not work properly, it is basically a problem of the sealing ring. Only by replacing the new sealing ring, it can work normally. And even the world's high-end sealing ring, related to a pneumatic booster pump, the price is very low.
    7. Flexible application: There are various types of air pressurizer, which can be selected according to the proportion and flow rate of pressurization required by customers. At this point, we will try our best to assist customers.
    8. Volume and weight: light weight, small size, easy to carry.
    Wow, pneumatic air booster pumps have so many advantages. But we can't ignore that the pneumatic air booster pump is also defective. Let's take a look at it.
    1. Flow: Pneumatic air booster pump is related to electric booster pump, flow supply may be relatively low. When the customer factories need a large amount of air flow, and the factories practice does not support the parallel pneumatic booster pump to build a parallel pneumatic booster system, the intention of both sides can not be reached.
    2. Demand Driven Gas Source: What is the meaning of "pneumatic" of pneumatic air booster pump? That is to say, it is driven by gas, that is to say, the demand must have a gas source to work, some customers may not have this condition.
    3. Gas consumption: Gas consumption is mainly determined by the number of reciprocating times per minute of the piston of the driving cylinder of the booster pump. In the case of inconvenient supply pressure, the number of reciprocating times of the pump is determined by the amount of exhaust gas pressure. When the gas supply from the customer factory is not enough to drive the pneumatic air booster pump, the booster pump can not stop working normally.
    4. Concerning the common use of pneumatic booster pumps: air booster pumps are equipments for stopping the pressurization and stabilization of "air" medium, and do not advocate mixing other gases. Assuming that other gases need to be stopped pressurizing and stabilizing, it is advocated to purchase additional gas booster pumps, such as nitrogen booster pump, hydrogen booster pump, oxygen booster pump, etc. Otherwise, gas purity may be affected.
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